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CNC programming for laser cutting machines!

Adira Cid Cut is a CAD/CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of Adira laser cutting machines.

It’s very simple to use with user-friendly menus guide users at all times, enabling them to produce parts from the first day.
All the options of Adira Cid Cut are fully integrated in a single program, so designing a part, importing, nesting (automatic or manual), generating the cut (automatic or manual), generating the CNC, looking at the sheet metal store, etc. will be achieved from the same program without switching between programs.
The software has interfaces with other CAD systems. The DXF interface is included in the Adira Cid Cut system. IGES and other standards are available as options.

With this software at all times the precise travel of the machine can be displayed and this simulation enables errors to be corrected in order to reduce scrap material and avoid down time.

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